Bankruptcy from losing title fights?! $115m in debt

I don’t know if this is a bug or coding gone wrong, but my fighter Richard Kennedy was a dominant champion and his contract is extremely expensive because of how high value he is

he’s currently 44-4 because he’s aged quite a bit and has lost 3 times in his last 6 fights

I am now $115m in debt. this ruins my entire save because i cannot renew contracts, and removing fighters costs money, this means all the amateur prospects that i had that i have brought into pro boxing are also going to miss out and as a result i lose them all

is this normal? if so my entire save is now ruined :frowning:

When a champion loses, he will usually renegotiate to a more sensible level

Too late now I guess, but will help next time

thank you so much, never thought to renegotiate contract