Being #1 P4P achievement shown

As is being #1 Pound for Pound is something you see if you chose to look at it but I think it should be a medal of some sort like being undisputed and being a hall of famer. Thoughts :thought_balloon:

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It’s an achievement for sure.

On topic, what do people think actually signifies a real achievements in the current game?

Just to float some ideas for possible achievements:

Undisputed champion
Champion in multiple weight classes
Stable has a champion in all weight classes
Have a Hall of Famer
Beating Mayweather’s 50-0
Pound for pound number 1


I see undisputed at several weights as the big achievement. Also guiding a lesser boxer to honours, but thats more a personal achievement.

P4P is slightly misleading most of the time. Look at Canelo, Crawford and Usyk for example. They drop belts and move weights and keep their ranking. This game tends to just look at current achievements. So if you drop a belt to get a fight or move weight you plummet on the P4P list.

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An achievement for length of title reign or for amount of title defences.

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This is true, though it’s something that can be abused and manipulated in game as well. You could have 20 defences of the IBF and never face a top boxer. However, undisputed usually means taking risks.

I think youngest and oldest champions per weight would be good as well

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Like most of these type of things but our assumption in all these things is that the achievement is given to fighters who you have managed since debut or at worst debut+1. Otherwise what’s the actual achievement on the part of the manager?

As unrealistic as they are we are also very into stable/managerial unbeaten records and streaks.

Oh of course, when playing I only ever sign fighters who haven’t had a fight before. Not really much fun if you just sign the fighters who are already champs.


Couldn’t agree more!!!