Being a BILLIONAIRE and tips to make more money

So as you can see I have 1.6B atm and have 30+ fighters usually and enjoy making the best fighters from each gym fight in super fights.
If you are struggling to make money here are some tips.

  1. Don’t expand your gym straight away it’s good just to have a 4 fighter gym and medium facilities.

  2. Look for that one fighter who can grow and atleast have a good chance of reaching world level.(15 or higher ring gen, accuracy defensive skills etc and also deals with each style 12 or higher minimum)

  3. If your fighter loses renegotiate contract as you will be paying him more than you should as a loss will decrease his PPV value

  4. If you can fight for a world championship make a new contact or see if you have atleast 5 fights left on his contact.

  5. Once your fighter is world champion don’t give him a new contact untill he is on his last fight as as soon as you sign him a new one you’ll be paying him a lot more.

  6. If you change your fighters weight and he’s a world champion definitely make sure to sign him a new contract after changing weight as this will lose you money as you are paying him millions when you could pay him a lot less and earn alot more.

These are easy tips and exactly what I did to earn so much money. One of my early fighters retired now brought me in alot of money as I moved him from light heavyweight to heavyweight and before allowing him to fight and his value at light heavyweight was 10million so when he lived to heavyweight this changed but once he became a champion again his value went up from 19 million and I was earning 30-60 million profit a fight. Also keep in mind having your fighter like you is important as if you wait to long then change weight he may not be interested in signing until after he has fought again which could lose you out on millions.

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Good advice on the money side of things here.