Best Boxer Attributes

Hello I’m new to the community, although I’ve played the game off & on again for years I have never joined the forum.

I would like to ask the community what they believe the most important attribute is, not counting ring generalship.

P.S. I have no idea what condition means in the stat page

Thanks for joining and playing.
Personally have Ring Generalship we like in no particular order Chin, Defence, Punch resistance, stamina.

But to be honest all interlink into the game and fight mechanics that one weak attribute can often be consequential.

Conditioning, together with dedication, increases fitness coming into fight and also interlinks with other stats during game/fight.

Other than Ring Generalship, Chin is probably the most important for me (along with takes punishment). All the stats in the world won’t make a difference for someone with 5 for chin.

But to be honest, as balanced as possible is the key. If you can get all stats in green you have a winner.

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Chin is massive as the man says.

However, whilst big stats are important everything is relative and good/appropriate matchmaking can go along way. Each fight is relative between the two fighters and you can go a long way in finding guys one notch below yours.

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