Best boxer in game?

So In my opinions I feel like I’ve got the best boxer in the game. If you think you can do better please screenshot and show! This is the value of the boxer as well so probably going to be heavyweight only but let’s see some crazy records. My heavyweight champion started off in middleweight and was undisputed in all of the weights up to heavyweight and is currently undisputed heavyweight champion.


You’ll be tempting the developers to tone down the ratings a bit;)

That said that guys got a suspect defence!:wink:

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Haha IKR felt like this was my secret gem. Who needs defense when they don’t get a change to hit you because they’re knocked out :wink: haha

You need to check out my boxer in my ‘can you unify the belts’ thread. He had stats like that at 24 :joy:

Sorry here is the screenshot formatted correctly.

Here is one more that is getting close.

My guy is pretty damn good



Brilliant for the name alone!!!