Best ever Scottish fighter

Alas it’s behind their paywall but this looks of interest to a few people on our wonderful Boxing Manager forum.

Probably a good place to post about the new Ken Buchanan documentary that was premiered last week. It’s on the iPlayer. Great watch.

Still Buchanan for me, since he had to go to Puerto Rico to beat the great Laguna. Then defend his titles against the worlds best all in America.

If Josh moves up and beats the likes of Crawford though you have to say he is our best.

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Interesting article that too. Not known for our heavyweights.

Ooh, hadn’t seen that was on. Definitely on this week’s viewing.

As was the new Ali documentary which might well be interesting…

Scotland’s known for them in BM…:wink:

Ha not seen many come through during the actual game. Plenty lightweight / welterweights though. As it should be.

It’s excellent. The pub he is interviewed in is 10 mins from my flat. Has all his belts up on the wall. Always nice seeing a Ring magazine belt when pissed in your local :joy::joy:

Nice one. I look forward to seeing that.

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