Best heavyweight of all time?

Currently wit’s 113 fights 111 wins and 2 losses and 100 wins coming by way of knockout and I’ve made over 11 billion dollars in my career at the age of 53 and I’m the undisputed heavyweight champion with 80 title defences in my 30 year career

Very very impressive. Though the fact you have the IBF as your US regional belt disturbes me way more than it should :joy:


OK let me change it tell me what you want me to change it to and I’ll change it just so I don’t disturb more people :joy::joy:

:joy: Got a Baseball World Series thing going on here. Americans always claiming local championships as world titles :wink:.

Regional titles outside Europe are a little sketchy. But I have it as NABF (North American Boxing Federation).

For accuracy you may also want to change WBO to IBF, and GBO to WBO. These titles on screen are coloured like the proper belts in that order.

I’ll change it to NABF

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Yeah “the last thing we want to do” is go too realistic and have regional belts per title org…
Until that is every starts asking for it then we’ll add it :wink:

One day…

Ha I don’t think many even know there are regional belts aligned to specific world orgs. Honestly, the structure of boxing is an absolute mess.

I’m sorry if I disturbed the Boxing Manager community with that one :joy::joy::joy:

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Probably just pendantic me in fairness mate :joy::joy:

Oh well I’ve changed it now but at least I won’t be holding the Regional title for a long time unless I vacate all titles

Excited rather than disturbed :slight_smile:
Good work @Daniel_Jarvis

@Daniel_Jarvis We will be increasing the effects of ageing in the next update (and next beta version) so you might want to savour this guy whilst you can :wink:

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:joy::joy::joy::joy: just can’t help yourself can you. Get wooden spoon out and start stirring. Haha.

Hahaha you love it mate. Your just pissed you never noticed it first :joy:

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Read me like a book there pal. :joy:

I do worry sometimes that UK ‘banter’ can get lost in translation. Then I just post anyway :joy:

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