Best start to game

283 wins though. Interesting to see if that will ever be beaten. Doubt it. Some effort that (glitched game :wink::joy:)


Not even glitched. Photoshopped the screen shot. :joy:


In a huge upset Butter Chin is a heavyweight champion again. Hall of fame worthy surely…

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With a broken Jaw :joy::joy: what an injury!

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Happened in the 2nd round. Guy is a warrior :joy:

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Are you getting him in ring with English bloke again?

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Mmm not sure. He has been beaten by him 3 times already. I think his chances would be slim lol.

This guy’s only going one way now. Loads of blood and more KOs :slight_smile:

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You were spot on. He lost his next 2 fights before I started a new game.

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Got another good run on the go. Not quite as impressive as first lucky run yet.

These are very impressive.

Winning streaks and first winning streaks just seem to deserve some kind of achievement or leaderboard we think. Even just your own high score. They really are the mark of good matchmaking.

Having said they’re really impressive obviously now is the time to post your 1000-0-0 screenshots…

Here I thought my 250-30-1-ish start with three undisputed world champs (and 1-2-3 p4p) was impressive…oops! (Edited to add the oops)

Don’t worry about it, that is good. @Tony82 just hacks into the game :joy:

:joy::joy: stop telling everyone about my hack.
Trying a new way of playing. Soon as fight finishes am booking next fight for them. Moving up rankings slowly. In previous saves I had numerous champs who had lots of growth points but x.p was hardly going up. Getting 500 xp for fights. So on this save I have been growing slowly if at all and saving all x.p. Then when they get to top I will start growing the boxers, and then see if I can use all growth points.
Nearly every fight is against opponents no more than 15 spots above me in rankings. First thing am looking for for match making is date of fight. I go for shortest wait. Second is obviously weakest opponent. If an opponent is available in 4 weeks and he has 20 power or accuracy, or another who ready in 6 weeks and has no power or accuracy then I will wait 6 weeks and take less risk. I think waiting for rankings to come out then picking fights we could be moving too fast and not getting most out of growth points. I could be wrong but in a couple of weeks I have a stable of champs all maxed out growth points with lots of remaining x.p then I have been playing it wrong. :joy:

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That’s an interesting point there mate. I also weigh that up. If I want to max out my boxer quicker I do the same.

This is very interesting :slight_smile: Always weird seeing how these things pan out over time. Interesting strategy.

I can’t see the run lasting much longer to be honest. Been far too lucky.

We so really need a good personal record screen in the game for these sort of things. Not just current game but all games.

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