Best start to game

Did a restart last week and had the best start I have ever seen so thought I would share/show off😂.


That’s pretty crazy! 200-0 :flushed:

Oh sweet Jesus!! Fair play!

Shame we haven’t introduced the achievements yet! That takes some doing./

Well get finger pulled out and get achievements sorted.:wink::joy:. Never going to be able to fluke this again. Might stop playing until achievements are out.

Er, don’t do that :wink:

We are still sorting out crashing gym upgrades…

Latest update.

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Mate your game is glitched for sure :joy:

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It was the invincible cheat code I.M gave me. :joy::joy:


What do you think to this for a plan. If I can get to 300 fights with out a loss. Should I carry on and see how far I can keep it going or put these 2 champs against each other?

Never put your guys against each other…Keep going for glory!

I think I’m going to start mine again. When I got about £20m, I went mental and got a couple of new gyms and just went too quick, too soon and kind of neglected some good fighters I had.

Once they are superstars I start to match them up against each other. Best got to fight the best eh :joy:

In my present game I had a similar situation with 2 heavyweights. Scotland v England! Had to match them up eventually. For undisputed. Unfortunately the English guy won. Who has continued to dominate. The Scottish guys career has went downhill drastically :joy:

When I have 2 fighters in same weight with a belt each, I always put them in a fight.

I thought Scottish lad looked good till I got to his chin rating. Scottish audley Harrison. :joy:

His chin was 15 until he got knocked out in the undisputed fight. He’s been knocked out a few times since :joy:

Now I understand your anger :rofl:

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Haha so this is the lad you have been sulking about for last few days. :joy::joy:

Ha wasn’t even him. After I made the post this guy kept getting knocked out. I’m sure @IronMike hacked into my game :joy:

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The inevitable has finally happened. Been a good run.

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