Beta - Box Office

After the update to this I’m not sure it’s working as intended. This guy is a 16-0 (15) heavyweight and European Champion. Ranked 6-3-2. Yet his box office is still only 3. Makes very little from fights, I assume due to this? Last fight he made 11k profit (on gate) against the highest ranked possible fight.

Hmm. That’s not right for sure. We’ll check that “thing” we changed :slight_smile:

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This is now fixed for next beta release this evening.

Good stuff. You find the issue there quickly :sunglasses:

Yeah we know what we changed :slight_smile:

There was a comment here from you last week or so about WTF does this do.

Now it should start showing a changing meaningful value as to the fighter’s Box Office appeal. This will soon to be supplemented with a Charisma attribute and some other things that are coming soon as we add to more realistic building a show/promoter side of things.

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I was wondering same. This lad has won belts in 3 weights and last 2 fights has just started making money.

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Yeah we have this fixed. Can see the problem right there in front of us :wink:

I nearly went bankrupt last night. Had 2 weight champ and was losing money. I won’t lie. I nearly spat dummy out and threw a paddy.


Ha Iv been there on previous beta’s mate. Just need to remember it’s testing. Softens the blow as you throw your phone into the wall lol.

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It all went tits up. My main man got k.o’d was on £5 mill per fight with 4 fights left. Game over. :cry::joy:

Ouch. Take it he wouldn’t accept a new deal?

After 10 successful title fights I only had £8 mill in bank so by time contract renewal came I was £2 mill in debt.

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Usually you can renegotiate when your champion loses no matter how many fights they have left.

He wasn’t having at all. He was having a sulk about losing. Only became happy once he won a couple of fights. Most annoying part was his rankings hardly dropped and bloke who beat him wouldn’t do rematch.

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