Big report for new beta

At light heavyweight after defending his IBF title 20 times he finally wanted to hang the gloves up but I thought it would be a cooler story with the cruiserweight and heavyweight(HW) titles knocked off aswell so I got greedy and move him through these weights. Sadly he was finally beat at heavyweight but it never let me retire him again once he had moved up through the weights?

Idk if this is a bug or a feature but I think they should be able to retire after moving up one weight class or two etc.

Not salty about this beta testers know these risks but wanted to retire him 56-0 and after a career that started at middleweight and took him to HW

Also he still won’t retire now after numerous fights

what does the damage screen show.

Definitely not a bug as the choice to retire is first and foremost, always the fighters. However the damage screen should show what’s happening here :slight_smile: