Big Week for Boxing (May 17-20)

Finally some high-end fights with legit FOTY potential. Coming off of a not so fantastic week for either boxing or the UFC but at least boxing will be showcasing some of their best this week.

Wednesday’s ProBox TV card

This should be an entertaining card despite losing ProBox’s top fighter Najee Lopez for some reason. Showcase card for some quality prospects.

Otar Eranosyan (12-0) vs Edy Valencia Mercado (20-10-6) [10 rounds @ Super Feather]: Eranosyan via KO/TKO round 4

Darrelle Valsaint (7-0) vs Eric Moon (11-4) [6 rounds @ Middle]: Valsaint via Decision

Marques Valle (8-0) vs Demarcus Layton (8-4-1) [6 rounds @ Super Welter]: Valle via KO/TKO round 2

De Von Williams (1-0) vs William Davis (1-0) [4 rounds @ Super Light]: Williams via Decision


DAZN Ireland card

Mid main event, let’s be honest. Taylor is good but women’s boxing has very few top-level fighters, Cameron is not one of them. Decent card showcasing some top Irish talent but nothing crazy imo.

Chantelle Cameron (17-0) vs Katie Taylor (22-0) [10x2 @ Super Light for Undisputed title]: Taylor via Decision

Dennis Hogan (31-4-1) vs James Metcalf (24-2) [12 rounds @ Super Welter for IBO title]: Hogan via Decision

Gary Cully (16-0) vs Jose Felix (39-6-1) [10 rounds @ Light]: Cully via KO/TKO round 8

Caoimhin Agyarko (12-0) vs Grant Dennis (18-4) [10 rounds @ Middle]: Agyarko via Decision

Thomas Carty (5-0) vs Jay McFarlane (14-7) [8 rounds @ Heavy]: Carty via KO/TKO round 4

ESPN+ PPV card in Las Vegas

This is easily the best matchup boxing has seen in years. former at least top 3 p4p in Lomachenko looking to add another weight class’ titles to his already HOF résumé against the clear-cut #1 guy in the weight class right now (not saying the best, but he has far and away the best wins on his list over the other young guys in the class). Should be a war of styles that casuals might find boring, but hardcore fans will definitely appreciate for the high level boxing and the elite chess match that will unfold. Good card, too.

Devin Haney (29-0) vs Vasyl Lomachenko (17-2) [12 rounds @ Light for the Undisputed title]: This is a fascinating fight that has had fight fans debating their opinions for months now. Finally it’s fight week, and the jury is still far from set as to who the populous thinks will win this one. I think the betting favorite right now is Haney, and there is good reason for it. First and foremost, he is the current Undisputed champion at Lightweight, which automatically makes him an easy bet to justify. Secondly, he is the lone undefeated fighter in this matchup, which makes him popular, I’m sure, among the more casual betters who think losses are the worst thing in the world. Third, and certainly most importantly, he’s significantly the bigger man of the two, and Haney fights with a style that greasy benefits having a reach advantage. Haney looks to control his fights behind a steady jab, and he will have every opportunity to utilize it on the much smaller Lomachenko. However, if Lomachenko is still near peak form, his crazy footwork and off-beat angles which are staples of his fight style will most likely make Haney’s life a living hell, especially if Loma is unfazed by or can otherwise neutralize the jab. I don’t think anyone would dispute that Lomachenko entered this fight with more power, and if he can get inside, Haney could be in for some serious trouble. His defense and his footwork are both good, but how long can he keep Lomachenko off of him? On the other hand, will Lomachenko take rounds off early on to analyze his opponent, as he often does? That could be a death sentence when in the ring with a guy like Haney, as even though there’s no real knockout power, he can cruise to a decision by utilizing his defense and footwork and sitting behind the jab for just enough if you gift him round early in the fight. Loma doesn’t have to crack Haney’s jab or defense early, but he does have to apply pressure and make Haney uncomfortable to have any success in the fight later on. So, to recap, Haney wins this fight by utilizing his length to his advantage and staying away from the ropes, giving himself ample space to circle away from Lomachenko’s odd attack angles. Lomachenko wins by getting inside by utilizing those same odd angles and quick feet, cutting off the ring and applying constant pressure, and starting the fight “on time.” I’ve seen a lot of people who think Loma will win saying that he will drop Haney and possible knock him out. While there’s always a KO possibility, I just don’t see either fighter getting caught by anything clean enough to really put them out: they’re both too good defensively and too quick to let it happen. So, it goes the distance, and I don’t see a draw as too far from a possibility. But no one likes to predict a draw.
Official Prediction: Vasyl Lomachenko via Decision, Haney rejects the rematch clause and moves up to Super Light, Loma vs Shakur for Undisputed then Loma retires regardless of result.

Junto Nakatani (24-0) vs Andrew Moloney (25-2) [12 @ Super Fly for WBO title]: Nakatani via Decision

Raymond Muratalla (17-0) vs Jeremia Nakathila (23-2) [10 rounds @ Light]: Muratalla via KO/TKO round 9

Oscar Valdez (30-1) vs Adam Lopez (16-4) [10 rounds @ Super Feather]: Valdez via KO/TKO round 2

Nico Ali Walsh (8-0) vs Danny Rosenberger (13-9-4) [8 rounds @ Middle]: Ali Walsh via KO/TKO round 3

No UFC card this week on here. Yes, Dern vs Hill is on this weekend. No, I don’t care. Terrible card with a worse headliner. Not a single fight that makes me want to even consider watching this card. This get MUCH better next week so UFC will be back.

4-0 on the ProBox card. Great event, Eranosyan and Valsaint looked awesome. Better performance than last time for Valle but the stoppage was BS. Still needs a lot of work on his defense before moving vast these 6 rounders. I’d try to get Valsaint an 8 round bout next though. Not enough of Williams to really get a good view of him, but an impressive finish nonetheless.

Eranosyan could go for a ranked opponent next imo. Looked dominant against a decent opponent and very comfortable going 10 rounds. More than likely he won’t get a ranked guy so in that case a fairly known vet would be good too. Get him prepped for a big 2024 and maybe looking at title contention for ‘25

A very contentious 9-5 on the whole weekend.

Guys, who won that fight?

  • Loma
  • Haney

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175-68 on the year

Watched the big one the day after and having avoided the news and result and scored it myself I came to 115-113.

Really think that the commentary team called this wrong (having actually called it as close throughout) and got hysterical with the effect of a Lomo-crowd.

Definitely not an upset in my mind or card. In fact Haney bossed the ass of Lomo for almost 2/3rds of fight.


I don’t think it was a “robbery” as it was a very close fight. In fact, I scored it 115-113 Loma but viewed most rounds as going either way. A robbery would have been a clear winner getting the loss on cards, and this fight was not that. Still, I think “contentious” is the right term for this fight.

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I had Loma winning, but only just. Wasn’t upset with the result. Really could have went either way.

People are hugely swayed by commentary though. And this was very much pro Loma.

100%. Commentary in most sports suck. I feel that boxing has some of the worst though. Officiating too. Makes it really hard to get people into the sport and then keep them interested. It’s def why boxing is near dead in the US and why it’s waning globally

Boxing is probably the worst for it with promotions being aligned to a network. Was getting annoyed with Andy Lee during the Katy Taylor fight as well. Though that was country bias.

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I normally like Andy Lee but they were all getting so up their own arses about Taylor…

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