Big Weekend for Boxing

after a very disappointing weekend for most boxing fans, I think it’s safe to say that we have two very intriguing matchups, and two big time cards.

First, Wilder vs Helenius. I think a lot of people are writing off Helenius far too early. Wilder was knocked around BIG TIME by Fury. Who know’s how much he has left in the tank? And Helenius can certainly bang. One thing is for sure: the winner of this fight puts himself firmly in front of the title shot race at heavyweight. This undercard is pretty good too. Plant vs Dirrell for a shot at Canelo’s WBC title. Frank Sanchez stepping up in competition against Negron. Gary Antinio Russell rematching Emmanuel Rodriguez. Overall, a good night for fights.

Then, on Sunday, the rematch between Kambosos and Haney. A huge fight for the lightweight division, as Haney will be able to fight legitimate fighters at 135 once he gets rid of Kambosos again. As for the card, it isn’t as good as the Wilder/Helenius card, but still fairly good. The Moloney brothers are both fighting, with Jason fighting Nawaphon Kaikanha for the WBC Bantamweight eliminator, and Andrew taking on Norbelto Jiminez.

Overall, looking forward to some big fights :boxing_glove:

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You didn’t mention Shields Vs Marshall?
That’s the one I’m looking forward to most this weekend. I think it will be a very interesting battle.

Oh yeah kind of forgot about that. Wrote it off as I won’t be able to watch it personally. Should be a good bout as well.

I must admit I am looking forward to this fight. Don’t think I will be watching full card though. Been watching there face offs and promos. I think savannah has got under shields skin a bit.


Here’s my predictions for the two cards I’ll be watching this weekend:

Helenius KO Wilder Round 7
Plant UD Dirrell
Sanchez TKO Negron Round 8
Russell MD Rodriguez

Haney UD Kambosos
J. Moloney TKO Kaikanha Round 10
A. Moloney TKO Jiminez Round 3

Shields was class - the fight was much wider IMHO than the coverage and cards suggested.

The Mayer/Baumgartner fight was interesting - I scored the fight on the Sky App while watching (a nice touch BTW) and while I had Meyer winning by two, I had four rounds at 10-10.

I don’t think judges tend to score many even rounds (although the consensus was the 1st could have been 10-10), so while I thought Mayer won relatively comfortably, it only takes the other three of those rounds to be given to Baumgartner to get to the 96-95 that two was on two of the cards.

Well… I may have given Helenius a little too much credit. Wilder looked good last night. As for my predictions, I went 5-2 on predicting winners, 0-7 on exact outcomes.

Hoping for Wilder vs Joyce next. Helenius vs Zhang would be fun too

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Just would give anything for pro gloves, three minute rounds and 12 of them for title fights…20 mins of fighting for an “undisputed” crown simply isn’t enough.

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I have a feeling with time Fury’s record will be a lot more appreciated with his wins over Wilder. I can’t see many others beating him, Usyk and Joyce but then one punch could be all over.

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