BM Ringside Release 2.00.02

BM Ringside version 2.00.02

Fighter’s can now move down weight.

All managed fighters can move down weight once in career, potentially more in particular situations.

Fixed conversion of feet to inches.

Reduced height distribution for larger fighters.

Updated venue list

Fixed crash bug on health screen.

Fixed vacate title button bug.

Vacate title option now appears on fighter screen.

Fixed issue so that Magazine title becomes vacate if fighter vacating no longer holds any title.


Hi guys, game is looking great. I’ve only just started playing it and it took me ages to work at the vacate so that’s a great update! Is the update in venues meant to update being able to put on shows at any venue? Or is it just an update for venues in certain cities?

Are you able to fix bugs as they’re happening to players or is it a purely development and new fixes will be in new updates? I’m having an issue where if I vacate a title it disappears. No one can fight for it? Is that a known issue?

I reported it yesterday with a few other bugs. Got a reply from iron Mike saying there looking into it. :+1:

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Ran straight to the forum when I noticed the WEIGHT DOWN addition. This so far is even more amazing than the original version. It’s a little more detailed due to the additions but once I got the hang of it. It was go time. Took 420 weeks but we got 4 undisputed champions in the stable @ heavyweight, super bantam, super feather & super lightweight. I haven’t ran into any bugs so right now it’s a 1000/10 :rofl::rofl:. Great job dev team :clap:t5:

we’re aware of this and are actively trying to figure out what’s causing this bug