Bm Ringside Update 2.00.03

Bm Ringside Update 2.00.03
Venue selection for shows enhanced so that Main event shows now allow venue selection in the country of the promotional company according to status of main event.

Improved UX/UI of Show list screen

Added co-promotion text where appropriate to fights/shows.

Fixed issue whereby any champion could be forced to vacate belt.

Fixed fighter dashboard menu to work with Dynamic Island.

Fixed issue whereby local licensing show tax could be displayed for previously viewed show.

Improved end of show UX processes.

Fixed bug whereby titles that a fighter vacates do not immediately get an interim champ.

Amended distribution of Super heavyweight and heavyweight boxers coming through the amateur ranks and starting in Heavyweight, Cruiserweight and Light-Heavyweight.

Game options now has hot fix for titles with vacant titles. Simply go to Game Options screen>Select weight>Hit “Create Interim champs when vacant” button

If I was to be really nit picking there is one thing I don’t like from the new update, I have a Japanese world champion who has 50million followers/fans. But since the new update he can now only fight in Australia (my country) I think it would be a great touch if he could fight in any venue in either country or even anywhere in the world pick a country and scroll through each venue if possible. Also Marvel stadium in Australia can have up to 80,000 people for concerts, 54,000 for grass sports (rugby, football etc) not 4,000 capacity same with Suncorp stadium :slight_smile: absolutely love this game though.

Thanks for pointing that out i’ve changed it on my spreadsheet so it should be changed in game in a couple of weeks max

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Couple of little details for me.

  • all my amateur fighters are under the age of 10 years old, even the non juniors.

  • add amateur record back to fighters once they turn pro and maybe add their amateur medals to their honours

  • is it possible to get ‘Natural weight’ added to fighters at some point. Just a better indicator to how far up or down they could potentially go and where their peak weight might be.

  • I’ve also noticed sometimes it glitches out with some fighters as I’ve seen on a few of the fighters records, they will be a light heavyweight and then all of a sudden start having lightweight bouts. Happened on a few saves so far.

  • would it be possible for a break down on GOAT points and how they are earnt because I’m still struggling to work out how some fighters have more than others sometimes.

  • can you also add the unbeaten filter back to the rankings please

  • would it also be possible to have like a little icon next to a fighters name in the rankings if they have a fight scheduled, maybe even just the number of weeks till their bout next to their name, or even just a different shaded colour.

Starting a new save this week so I look forward to trying out the new updates and bug fixes! Keep up the good work brother, games improving at a rapid rate and it’s much appreciated!

Update on this 1st save since latest patch:

  • My amateurs are now of normal age, made new save since update.

  • still no amateur record once boxers turn pro on their history though

  • 5 years in and still a massive lack of Flyweights in the amateurs

  • not sure if fighters from the same gym can no longer fight eachother, I know this used to be the way on the old version but then since moving to this new game I noticed teammates could fight from the same gym, that seems to no longer be the case again

Not 100% sure but I think you can do title fights between your fighters.

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