BM Update April 23

BM Update.

Anyway here’s what we’re doing in the most general terms. No times.

Total rebuild of all titles. This will give us voluntary, mandatories, auto rematches, more titles, loads of customisations. This is a massive piece of work but we’re well advanced on it. Soon…

Second, I am working on career/boxer mode. This will be next to Ringside. It is an entirely new mode and allows us to try things and extend the world of the boxer in ways that we’ve never been able to do in manager mode. Again this is well advanced, taking most of my coding/game design time.
Not sure of dates but I am living and breathing it and when it’s ready to see more action it will come to Ringside to sit alongside the current manager game as part of the core experience.

Three. We have also had a lot of ongoing work on our first graphical engine for watching fights. No not moving dots or anything remotely similar:)
More of that to come once we’re past the title engine rewrite but we hope/pray that this will be end of year. We also have a few inbetween releases to fix some longstanding issues.

Thanks as ever to everyone for their support and in particular everyone who subscribes or has subscribed to Ringside.

It is that support that has enabled us to spin up more work and development on what are three of the biggest things we’ve done yet in the game.

I also think they’re probably the three most exciting things we’ve done since we launched five years ago.


Looking forward to it, even though I am a little sceptical about the third add-on.

These things take time but we like what we see so far… But yes.

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i cant wait for this update

Love to see this game grow love the ringside version really brought a lot of features that were missing from the actual game. Will there be a time where stadiums, fight cards and boxers follower count will come to the normal game?

We will update plans as we progress but we are very excited about the next releases.

The titles update is much needed and vast as it also totally changes our schedule engine which will make the game feel even more realistic.

The career/boxer mode is where I spend most of my time and I can’t wait to show people what we have been making. So far so good:)

The aim is that it’s the sum of what we’ve done so far with all the game elements and maybe beyond that. Let’s see.
I’ll just say I’m excited :slight_smile: