Booking more fights RINGSIDE

I was able to book more than one fight I noticed in showcase when I was booking fights it didn’t jump to another fighter to book but remained on the same fighter and I could keep booking fights and then fight them on the same week. Can’t tell if this is intentional since after booking a fight it automatically jumps to the next fighter for most fighters.

This happens if I don’t select a fighter and there’s a pre selected one, so like the original first preselected on won’t show you opponents but if you select the same fighter or other and choose an opponent you can after that see the opponents for the pre selected fighter and continue booking fights.

Edit: You can just press on regional and all and it will show you opponents anyway but the fighters gotta be there like sometimes if I back out there will be a new preselected corner but I see now I can just press regional and all to see opponents I don’t have to book a fight for somebody else (I think they disappear as pre selections if I booked them by selecting them but I remember them not even being in the selection roster at one point when I kept booking the fights the first time in the sc so I think it changes when you back out and in. So you can book the fight by selecting the already preselected fighter and continue booking for him if you don’t select anything, long story short it changes if you back out and in not after you select the fight for them so it persists and can catch you off guard)

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Ironmike has seen this and we’re on fixing it thanks for pointing this out

Thanks added to the list.