Boxer Ranking fix

I have been playing the game for a while and whenever I have a fighter and try to build them up in rankings the rankings update comes and knocks their rank down by a lot and I’ve tried the fix in the menu and nothing works can you guys maybe go more in depth on how to fix it

Thanks for the post and welcome.
Can you send us a screenshot of the issue or provide some more information as we aren’t sure we understand fully?

We are keen to fix

Sorry about the late reply but this is what has been happening once I lost the title the rankings jumped up so high

Hmmm. That’s odd. Not seen or heard of that. Let us ponder wtf has happened to cause that one…

I’ve had that same problem and sometimes if I lose a world title fight my ranking can drop to about 500 but still be high with the other two organisations

Ok. Thanks for the confirmation. We’ll open up the code and see what’s happening.

This keeps happening to my fighters I could win a fight then when the rankings get updated there ranking drops by hundreds

Does this happen with all your fighters?

If at all possible could you send some more fight careers of fighters who this has happened to? These screens are helpful to us.

It used to happen all the time in my old game but I started a new one because of that problem and the game was going fine up until recently and now it’s just starting to happen again but it isn’t to bad just yet

Ok. Weird.

If you can send any examples it will help isolate it before we find it ourselves…

Lmao it just happened again I restarted to a new game and it was going all good until now

Just wanted to let you know that It does not appear that the hot fix is working when I apply it. I still have several fighters that has over a 100 difference between the three major belts. I have tried it a few different times the past few days.

Ok. It works it might not just fix that problem. Hmm. Another day for some people to stare at code.:slight_smile:

Same thing has happened to me

I am jealous of your boxer. Yours is probably the most powerful boxer anybody has.

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