Boxer wants better terms

This scenario happened a lot…

  1. Boxer signs contract for x number of fights.
  2. Boxer improves and then refuses to a fight unless terms of contract are improved.
  3. Manager (the player) doesn’t have many options - offer a new contract or increase the fee on the existing one. But I don’t want to!

I think that if a contract is signed by the boxer and the manager doesn’t want to change the fees / terms, the boxer should have an option to buy out the contract and leave. If fights are offered to the boxer and they are rejected - it shouldn’t have to result in the manager paying more. They signed a deal. If anything, I think I should be able to sue the boxer for loss of earnings.

If effort is made to arrange a fight, and opportunities are offered to the boxer, it seems unreasonable to be sued by the boxer if they don’t fight.

So, in a stalemate situation, I think it would be good if some boxers are willing to negotiate (maybe different offers could he made by the manager) or the boxer buys out their own contract and leaves.

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That’s a good solution. Something less nuclear…

That and signing the fighter at higher original fee so that the incentive is there but the longer the contract the longer the number of fights until payday…