Boxers retiring undefeated

Is this possible? Or will a boxer always retire on a defeat? Specifically I’m talking about a champion retiring while at the top, like Mayweather, Calzaghe etc.

Just thinking this would be cool since the hall of fame is now there. It would obviously have to be incredibly rare. Might already be in the game, Iv just not seen it.

I’ve played the game for a while now and don’t think I’ve seen one fighter retire undefeated, I really feel we should be able to retire your fighter if he’s under 4-3 growth

If you have ever seen it then it’s a bug. :slight_smile:

This will be coming as part of us moving the current world title system to the new one that the regionals (and hopefully national titles) work on.

Nice. Lots of cool stuff ahead.

Since I mentioned the hall of fame… Have you considered giving the promotor a vote, to include them more in the process? I know it’s really just reporters and industry that are involved in voting irl but I think that would be cool. Or even just expand on it so the user can see the nominees. Such a cool addition to the game. Im wanting my boxers to retire just to see if they get added :joy:

Yes :slight_smile:

Its worked out at the moment on a “vote” and we wondered whether to give 1 vote for each belt held (or similar)

Once it’s bedded in some more and we’ve added the other things we wanted with it (fighter of the year etc) then we will look again and a participatory angle to it. Lots to do!!!

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Eventually will there be an online option to play in a game world with other real players?

If more depth is added to the negotiations between managers when arranging fights it would become quite interesting.

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Possibly that.
Definitely some form of prize fighting thing where fighters can be used to fight other manager’s fighters for stakes/prize or something.

Or a combination based on the undoubtedly huge amount of testing we’d have to do :slight_smile:
Would love to be able to have proper prize fighting and fighter/horse trading between stables :slight_smile:

Match ups seem like the way to go I think.

Iv played some online football management games. Don’t think management games work well online to be honest. Games I played had set times for games, usually a few times a week. Was the kind of game you dip into to play your game, then don’t play again for days. Iv always seen this game more like the FM of boxing.

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Agree totally there with online multi manager games.

Do think the prize fighting of top stable fighters could work and could be very cool.

I’m definitely intrigued by the idea as well. It all depends how it would work. And how it would affect your game own world.

Would you win money for your own game? Could you even match fighters with the winner keeping both fighters. Now that would be incredibly risky but fun.

From our perspective (and please shoot us down) but there should be a number of options. For stakes (ie to win money in own game), fighters can be used as stake as well with winner taking fighter or even options in fighter etc etc

Yeah the more options the better. I would probably be happy to submit my boxers when I’m planning to start a new game.

Be cool if you could only enter existing world champs :slight_smile:

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Only problem being is that it would mess up the title data. You would suddenly have a world champion who hasn’t held a belt in your game world.

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The whole thing is a game world consistency nightmare.

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