Boxers you don’t like

Ok, so we have had your favourite boxers. Be interesting to see what boxers just rub you up the wrong way? Who do you dislike, whether it’s for boxing style or personality…

Just for fun mind, don’t take offence if your favourite is listed :sunglasses:


Deontay Wilder: used to like him. And respect his power. But damn, all those excuses is a terrible look.

Chris Eubank Jr: Arrogant and smug without anything to really back it up. To be like that you need skills, like his dad (who I was a big fan of)

Ohara Davies: pretty much the same as above. Called Barry McGuigan and Josh Taylor bums ffs :joy:

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  1. AJ - overhyped bum who thinks is the second coming of Ali
  2. Whyte - big mouthed bum coward
  3. Wilder, I adore Wilder as a fighter but I fucking hate him as a person
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  1. Billy Joe S - Unpleasant.
  2. Mayweather - Boring.
  3. Eddie Hearn - Not a boxer - but since he is often the star of his own show - I include him. Too much for me. Just too much. Have a holiday man, and give your mouth a rest.

Good point about BJS he is a prick


Haha I like BJS. But I can see why many don’t :sunglasses:

Aw I don’t mind Eddie Hearn. But I do hate how he kind of started the whole supporting a promotion instead of boxers thing in the uk. Man these guys will say absolutely anything to sell tickets, they are car salesmen. Don’t support them ffs, support the guys getting punched in the face :joy:

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Easy one this if I include ex boxers.
Antonio Margarito
Luis Resto/Panama lewis
Adrien Broner
David haye (smug arsehole)

Should have added James Butler as well actually. What a piece of shit that guy is.

Not a massive fan of Hearn but he isn’t the bad when you think about don king.

Agree. I also think money has a habit of ruining things eventually.

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Good call.

Not nice and whilst one never wants to see nasty injuries, it was hard not to feel the karma in the room when looking at his cheekbone after Alvarez dealt with him.

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