Boxing books we know and love

Aside from questions about WTBM and Boxing Manager we get lots of other questions about boxing in general via our Facebook Messenger page. Mostly, weirdly it’s people asking us to be their boxing manager. Sometimes it’s easier to answer.

One of them recently was on the topic of any boxing books that we recommend.

Having devoured many over the years we thought long and hard for our five most essential boxing books.

  1. A Pictorial History of Boxing by Sam Andre and Nat Fleisher
  2. The Black Lights by Thomas Hauser
  3. Rope Burns by FX Toole
  4. The Sweet Science by AJ Liebling
  5. Sparring with Hemingway By Budd Schulberg

And if you’re from the UK…
"Bunce’s Big Fat Short History of British Boxing" by Steve Bunce should, at the very least, be added to the National Curriculum.

We could go on…

Another book to add to this useful list.

Just finished
Sporting Blood by Carlos Acevedo.
Genuinely next-level boxing’s writing from the 21st century: