Boxing manager/ Leather

Been playing boxing manager and a game called leather which is the same aspect as yours which you probably know of and they have so many interesting features which I think you definitely should be adding to boxing manager

What features did you like on Leather? Iv had a shot of it and found it inferior in pretty much every way. It’s so slow to do anything. The only thing I liked is before a fight you get the full card with stadium etc listed. That’s something that’s been suggested here loads.

But I would hope the developers don’t take much inspiration from it.

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Always interested to hear what people think we need to focus on. We try not to get too distracted by what others do but always keep an eye on other games out there whether boxing or other sports games…

That’s why I prefer boxing manager it’s faster and more up to date it seems but I’m saying that there’s features like gaining/losing weight, there’s height , venues and I like the awards for the fighters for example p4p etc which I think could be a good implement in boxing manager that would make it so much better. Obviously this is after all these bugs are sorted

And if there’s a title that’s been vacated there will be a fight for a vacated belt not just given to the next ranking

PFP was actually in the previous version of the game. I believe it’s planned to add it in again. I agree with you on that, it was a disappointment for me when it was removed.

I agree - this is a good feature in that game. Fighters have a natural weight, and training affects weight changes. Some lose /gain weight quicker than others. Fighters sometimes struggle to make a weight - as in real life. Moving weight class is possible in that game, but how easy this is depends on a fighter’s natural weight and how the fighter responds to training. Some need long training camps in order to get to the desired weight.

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