Boxing Manager Ringside issue

Time and time again since the start of this testing process, I’m having very successful events, I.E I just had a very successful Wembley stadium event which was a profit of 24m just on gate receipts when compared with event costs.

I then had 4m+ viewers at $150 PPV Price. All the fighters of mine on the card won. I had a -5m deduction from my balance.

This happened a lot at the start of testing, I took a break because it was irritating, I’ve came back over a month later and it’s still an issue. I’m not sure if anyone else has brought this up yet, apologies if it’s an already reported issue.

I’m not sure if my math ain’t mathing but I should be making a very heavy profit off that event?

Thanks guys

This surely relates to the site fee?
We believe the issue you described was fixed in testing. Those who participated in the test confirmed that.

We will take a look at this. If possible send over the finances screenshot when this occurs.

Which version are you using btw?

Just so we can check through did you leave any feedback during the test for us to work on?

Finances went down from 5m - 4m a week later

I’m not sure if I’m doing or working it out wrong but surely I should be going up off that event by 37m?

Quick update: I’ve noticed if I do 8 fights on the card instead of the minimum 6 required for the TV coverage in getting full payout.

Ok. noted. thanks. that’s helpful.
TestFlight is my friend :wink:

I’ve had this same problem. Which is making my experience with the full version less desirable. Like since I didn’t wanna start over I bought some cash. But it don’t last long :weary::weary::weary: if my fights aren’t grossing