Boxing manager update ideas

I think it would be cool to have more regional belts like British or commonwealth titles for fighters to fight for and some intercontinental or international titles like in real life there are so many titles irl in boxing would be nice to have some in the game

I also think it would be fun to have more things to do as manager like set locations for fights like a big undusputed fight between 2 English fighters if you could make in Manchester or Liverpool or London for Example or have a fighter challenge for a world title over in vegas or msg

Have more fighters from around the world eg I’m Irish would like to have an Irish stable in a gym when I open up the gym I can’t sign sny1

You want MORE secondary titles?

Actually yeah, good idea, I have so many crap fighters I don’t know what to do with apart from put a few bets on and let them go. Sometimes I like some of them and think they could get a British strap if it was real life. I guess having national titles would be a good thing for some of the fighters to aim for - it may even help jump rankings for EBU etc


National belts been discussed a lot. Be surprised if we don’t see them.

Definitely on our radar;)

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