Boxing Title update

When do we get out update for the title that you will be adding to the game, just wondering when we are getting a big major update

We are currently doing the title update.

It is a complete overhaul of titles including voluntary, mandatory and rematch defences as well as other features to allow us to accommodate these new, highly realistic, changes to the game.

Bear with us but we have our two best people coding it but as I have said it is the most complicated change we will be doing given that we have to unpick the way the current system works in the game and our scheduling.

As ever we don’t give time but it’s our number one item on the roadmap.


Sounds promising. Will this be for Boxing Manager or BM Ringside?

Both and hopefully at the same time. Maybe slightly earlier in RS but we’re keen that when we’re updating core game features that all the games get them.

Ringside has another major new feature in dev at moment more details (and pics) hopefully soon…

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