Bug with game options

Every time u leave the game u have to change back from calendar to week only

Weird, I’m not experiencing this at all.


We can’t reproduce this one.

Do send a screen video if you have the time.

It’s not letting me post my screen recording but every time I go back into the app I have to change the option back to week only

I just emailed the video to you guys that shows the issue that I was talking a out

We have it and are looking at this.
Thanks for the video.

Weird bug and one that we can’t replicate in the way that is shown in the video. We will endeavour to look into it some more or wait for other reports.

It all started after I accidentally deleted the app and reinstalled it

Is there any way to fix this bug cause it gets very annoying every time I reopen the game I have to change the settings

Once we can replicate why this has happened yes :slight_smile:

Does the % fight win estimate thing on the same page also not work?

A weird one for sure.

If I change it to it not showing win percentage and I close the game then it goes back to showing win percentage

Don’t know if this helps but I experienced this bug about a month or two ago and it stopped happening when I installed a beta

Yeah I tried that also it didn’t work

Thanks @Mugginzbhoy19

Other than delete game and reinstalling we are short on options at moment;)

This is a weird one. I also use ‘week only’ and have never encountered this bug.