Buying out contracts and other suggestions 👍

I think it would be good if you could buy out a boxers contract if he isn’t performing well , as in real life .when u sign a boxer with no fights and they turn out rubbish , it frustrates me that you have to keep them fighting as it affects your overall record and I don’t believe in real life a manager would keep paying a fighter that has lost say 7 times in a row from debut , also I would like some of the boxer ages to be younger ie 17/18 to start so u can try and beat Tyson’s record as youngest champs or even Wilfred Benitez at seventeen lol also I think it would be great to have a record table ie fastest ko , oldest champ,youngest champ, most title defences , most ko’s overall and in each weight class , I love the work u do and love the game , keep up the good work guys .

Also it would be good to be able advise retirement to one of your boxers , as to preserve undefeated records or if the once great boxer is getting chinned a lot lol don’t think boxers should only retire on a loss

Hi Patrick

Thanks for the mail.

Couldn’t agree more on the buying and selling of contracts. We’ve been thinking about this over the course of the week… Can’t guarantee but we may well try something soon in this area.

Yes also to the younger fighters. We actually have some stuff lined up in the form of achievements/scenarios much like what you describe that we’re building into the game to unlock other things.

Retirements and fighters career ends feel like they needs to move with the times now and aside from careers being too long at present, as you rightly say, control on the part of the manager would be great. As would retired fighters coming out of retirement.
Once we have this version and the next where we hope (finally) to get the leaderboards back up and we will probably look at this.