Calculation of Stable in Gyms

Can a hot fix be created in order to correct the number of boxers you have in your stable within a gym. The counts are way off in many of the gyms i have. In fact, you even have negative numbers for number of boxers within a specific gym in several instances. I also have it the other way around where it says I have 12 out of 12 but I’m reality only 4 or 5 boxers. I think something is happening whenever you don’t resign a fighter. The fighter is taken away as it should from your gym but does not calculate the change in Count. If you need me to send screenshots I can but I think this might have been mentioned before, it’s not just one or two, there are Instances where the count of fighters within a gym is off by 5 or 6. Especially strange seeing negative number of fighters.

What are you using for the backend logic? Python 3? Just curious.

All native iOS.
Can you send us screenshots? Have you noticed when this occurs.
This should be easily fixed