Can anyone beat this storyline?

Let me start by mentioning that I never sign fighters outside of my region, unless the fighter has two fights or less on his record. However, I made an exception for this guy.

This is Adam Branford, and I just got him back to the Super Welterweight champion status. He was an undefeated fighter (in game, he had losses on his record from the game world creation) who’d won the WBO belt. Then, he lost to my former top fighter, Raphael Alexander. He took a nearly 5 year break from fighting, then decided to make a return, and looked to sign with my gym, to train alongside the one man who beat him. I signed him 4 years ago. Now, both Alexander and Branford are world champs in the same weight class.

Beat that story.


Started from the slums of Tanzania. With 1-0 record, signed in my gym/promotion.

5 Division world champ
3x Undisputed champ
2x fighter of the year
4x pound4pound fighter

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Nice one. Great story indeed. We love these kind of things. :):slight_smile:
Quite sure you’ll have some players who think they will have bettered this one…