Can fighters from the same gym not fight each other anymore?

I’ve got a couple of Undisputed World Champions in my gym at the moment. I’ve also worked some of my other fighters up to #1 in all organisations but cannot get them both to fight. Is this a bug or has this been done on purpose?

Nah this is on purpose. Was changed a while ago.

That’s a shame. I can see the logic but it seems a bit silly to remove the option without adding something in its place.

Personally I think there should be an option for your fighter to move to another one of your gyms if they need to fight one of your own fighters for a title. Look at De La Hoya when he fought Mayweather, he moved to Freddie Roach rather than sticking with Floyd’s Dad.


The general feedback at the time was most thought it was too unrealistic that boxers in the same gym fought each other. They even have the same trainer so it was a bit daft really.

It has been suggested about moving boxers to another gym so hopefully we see that in the future.