Can someone help me please

How do the amateurs work do they have to wait 59 weeks to fight in a tournament? I’m confused on the whole amateur situation. Can someone explain to me what’s going on? Thank you.

Hi, you can sign any amateur under the age of 18, any amateur under the age of 18 will fight at the Junior tournament, the weeks is the countdown to that event. Any amateur 18 and above will fight at worlds event. Every event is 2 years, so one year will be worlds, the next Junior etc etc one after the other, so if your junior event has just taken place, in 12 months time the world event will take place, then another 12 months it’s back to juniors.

Olympics will take place every 4 years. Usually the same year as a Juniors event. For your fighter to qualify for the Olympic tournament, they must have the most wins in their division from the country they are from. For example, super heavyweight division, whatever American amateur has the most wins will go to the tournament. Only one fighter from each nation qualifys.

Hope this helps let me know if you need a better explanation or have more questions

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When do new amateurs get generated, and how do you identify the new ones? It’s not something that fills me with enthusiasm to scroll through all 0-0 amateurs every month /year…

I remember reading that there were methods being developed of getting amateurs to fight in more tournaments - has that happened, is it in the works?

So usually what I find easiest is, because you can only sign people from the Juniors, around March time when there’s only just under 8 weeks to go, I will sit and go through them all and sign what I want. I won’t look at signing amateurs again then until another 2 years

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