Can’t Get A Title Match

I have a boxer ranked number one by three organizations, but can’t get a title match with an available champion. What do I need to do for a title match?

A few things

  1. make sure your guy is healthy and the champ is healthy and at least one week removed from returning from injury. For some reason CPU champs won’t book fights as soon as they return from injuries. And obviously no booked fights either, but screenshots show nothing for either

  2. sometimes fighters, especially undefeated ones, will be “ducked” for a while. It’s annoying at times, but far from unrealistic. I’ve found that fighting former champs or fighting for regional titles helps gain interest. I don’t know if Box Office helps at all either but I have seen a correlation in my games where my bigger draw fighters will get opportunities before my maybe more talented but lower box office guys. Again, far from unrealistic if a bit frustrating at times

Hope this helps


Point 2 is salient here.

It really is key to remember that all defences are voluntary on behalf of the champions.

We do however get closer to the day of voluntary/mandatories…

This is exactly as it is.

The champ will look at a/fighters they can most likely win against alongside b/where do they make the most money…