Can’t get my undisputed champ a fight

I have an undisputed Welterweight champion, who may terminate his contract unless I get him a fight. No opponents have been available for 4 months. Is this a glitch?

No, not a glitch. Remember, to get a title fight the challengers needs to meet all the ranking requirements. If that’s not happening then you will need to vacate a belt or 2 to get a fight. If unsure feel free to post the rankings page for the belt and someone will explain why ranking requirements are not being met.

To get a fight the challenger must meet all the ranking bodies requirements. So he needs to be ranked at least 2,3,5 and 7 in that order. No one there meets those ranking requirements. If you drop the WBC you should be able to fight Sebe. Assuming he doesn’t have a fight planned.

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You have to look at becoming Undisputed as an achievment. You are not going to be able to hold on to all those titles if you want to make defenses regularly. Like TartanTornado says a challenger needs to be ranked within the top 2 for WBC, top 3 for WBA, top 5 for IBF and top 7 for WBO.


Cheers chaps.
Did as suggested and got a fight against Sebe.
Didn’t realise once you held all belts that they all had to be on the line


If you become undisputed you should be able to hold all the titles without giving one up. It’s makes no sense to build your fighter up to the top just drop a belt because he can’t find an opponent. The requirements need to be relaxed more imo, because this option is unrealistic.

I’m not so sure it’s all that unrealistic to be honest. Undisputed boxers irl have always dropped belts due to forced mandatory’s, licensing fees and other factors. Look at how many undisputed boxers have actually fought as undisputed. They normally move up weight or drop belts quickly. Even the last undisputed HW champ Lewis dropped his WBA belt for the very next fight.

Plus it should be remembered the rule works for computer controlled boxers too. If it wasn’t there then every single title would be undisputed until a player controlled boxer won and then moved weight. HW in particular would always be undisputed. Now that’s unrealistic

Those features aren’t in the game though so it doesn’t really make sense. Having negative things aren’t that aren’t user friendly doesn’t really help. Mandatories should be a thing and if we want to be real, all champs should purposely avoid each other for a minimum of 4 years and only fight cans

It’s been discussed plenty before mate. Devs have been playing about with and testing mandatories and it’s not worked yet. It makes getting a title fight incredibly hard. I’m sure that will be implemented eventually.

I get the undisputed thing is annoying but it makes the game world tick in a more realistic way. Like I say, if it wasn’t there then every single belt would be undisputed. Surely you wouldn’t want that? There has only been 6 undisputed champs in the 4 belt era.

Said it before but I think the real issue is that undisputed is way too easy to get.

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We do want it real but as ever we try to blend boxing realism with gameplay.
Too many undisputed champs is what we will first reduce.

As has been stated countless times here mandatory defences, whilst “solving” one issue, creates a whole host of other gameplay issues which we guarantee would fill threads full of comments were we to release :slight_smile:

The recent and ancient history of boxing is full of people relinquishing belts rather than defend them all.
As ever, it’s always worth recanting one such instance of this. :wink:

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We have a review of the title code and rules in our roadmap for the year (mainly because we wanted to extend to some national titles and some other things).

However, prior to that we think it makes sense to have a wide-ranged review of world title functionality. This includes mandatories and voluntary defence rules, frequency of Undisputed champs appearing, ranking qualifications, vacancies/relinquishing and eliminators.

One of the things we love most about making this game is that boxing as a sporting business is unique in having no formal rules as to how it works. On one hand this makes it very difficult to work with and on another gives total freedom to us to decide.

We think in the case of world titles in particular that the way the game world has exponentially developed over the past 12 months (all world titles, the fourth belt) it is increasingly clear that the logic and rules that we have previously used to run the title engine is needs to update in order for better gameplay in these increasingly bigger game worlds and ever increasing amounts of belts and complexity.

Thanks for listening :wink:

I agree with this. I’ve always looked at the current game world mechanics a bit like a work around really. It doesn’t follow specific real life rules such as mandatories etc, but it does allow the game world to in effect operate like rl (with belts being dropped etc)

Perhaps unifications need more tied in with box office and stats. ie a fellow champ will be less likely to fight you if your box office is low and your stats are high. Risk/reward etc. Just a thought.

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If they operated like exactly like real life then highly likely no-one would play the game :slight_smile:

It would be interesting for sure :joy:

Although I quite like the idea of having relationships with other promotors, making some fights difficult to organise depending who they are under.

That will be very cool when we get there. Again that is something we are compensating for and when it comes it will be the guaranteed 100% way to reduce undisputed :slight_smile:

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We should get options that give fantasy options where things like this is easier and fun from a gaming aspect. That way everyone can toggle certain features they want or keep it more realistic.

That would probably fit well in the easier game mode.

I’m sure it’s difficult to find the right balance with this stuff but hopefully we’ll eventually get there. One thing that would be great though. Less of these AI rematches for titles (especially undisputed champs). It can get really annoying sometimes, when you’re waiting for your shot and the titles are tied up for three straight fights between the same boxers. Meanwhile I’ve never ever gotten a direct rematch when losing a title.

I’ve also seen cases where the AI circumvents the ranking criteria when defending their unified titles. Anyone else seeing this?

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To the latter point please give examples and we will look to fix that. We don’t see any issues and what you describe (we think) is more movement of the rankings after the fight has been made.