Can’t keep my gym afloat

So before the last update I have played this game for a year and probaly have done 3 different successful gyms with loads of money. Some fighters make you money and some don’t make you anything until almost a title shot. No problem… but my last gym I’ve done I have 4 fighters ranked higher then 20 one that is 30-0-1 and has never made me anything. So basically 11 out of my 14 fighters don’t make me money and my highest ranked ones lose me 600-1,000,000 a contract. Is this just bad luck with the talent I found and recruited? I love this game and was so invested in my fighters I think I’ve spent 10$ and have lost 8,000,000 dollars by week 400. Maybe I just got so unlucky with the talent I found compared to what boxers asking price was. But damn 11/14 drain me

We have made some changes to make the finances easier on you.

Would also say that growth is key in the game and you are probably growing too fast without (so it appears here) a champion to bring in the big money.

The changes to the finances are in the version 1.01.01 which is available in the App Store from today (Tuesday).

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Added a beta feedback form. I upgraded my gym but it had a cost of -2856 per week but it added that value to my account rather than deducting