Can’t make the fight I want

I want 2 of my fighters (from different gyms) to fight each other and they aren’t showing up on each other’s options. They are similar in rankings and available to fight so just wondering if it’s purely down to the fighters not wanting to face each other or something?

Have you tried searching for the fight from both boxers? Sometimes the fight will only be listed on one of the boxers potential fights I have noticed. Also if one has just recovered from injury, forward a week and search again.

Yeah that’s what threw me off mate, I’ve noticed sometimes it will only show up in one boxers list sometimes. One of them had significantly lower fitness because he’d fought recently but other than that they were good to go. I should’ve skipped a week or 2 but I ended up putting one of them in another fight :man_facepalming:

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Yeah Iv seen the same thing and forwarding a week usually brings up the fight as an option. This can also work the same with title fights by the way. If you think your due a title fight but it’s not there, skip a week and it may appear. Or it may not of course but that’s boxing :joy:

Yeah I’m gonna start being a bit more patient with some of my guys once they reach the top and get some big title runs going.:+1:

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I would be keeping these 2 away from each other until they both had a belt. Easier said than done sometimes though.

I’m with you Tony. That’s what I try and do.

They were both on very good runs but couldn’t get title shots so i wanted to throw them in there together thinking it would be cool if it propelled one to a title offer. A bit like an eliminator fight😂 I have a few other LW’s in this game who are right up there so they’re gonna have to scrap it out at some point😏

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I had 2 heavyweights that held all belts between them. One was always wbc at all times. Other was ibf at all times and wba got vacated and bounced about to make fights happen. Both fighters had got 4 or 5 title defences then got them to fight each other. Got over £120mill for fight.

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Must be cool having the 2 best HW’s there some serious money to be made in that division

One of them was nowhere near best. Picked fights wisely and got a couple of lucky late ko’s. I let his contact expire and he went on to loose nearly every other fight. His chin wasn’t this bad when I had him but he has been knocked out lots in last 10 fights.

In a previous save I had 2 Scots that ruled the heavyweight division. Ended up having a trilogy with them. All for undisputed. It’s great when things like this randomly pop up in the game.

If you play it right you can drop belts which get picked up by fighters in your stable. That’s an easy way to get big undisputed fights with boxers in your stable.

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If I have a fighter who am moving up a weight. If possible I get my other fighters in no 1 position so belts go to them. Bit cheeky but why not.

I do exactly the same :joy::joy:

I feel like Don King with way I manipulate the boxing world in my game!

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:joy: got to be ruthless in boxing world pal. :joy:
Imagine when you can drop down weights? Can really have some fun with that.

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That’s the spirit. :):slight_smile:


That’s some nice matchmaking skills hahaha😏