Can’t sign top contenders

I have 2 world champs and I still can’t sign top contenders

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Hi Wesley,

You know the form :slight_smile:

Show us your stable…

Why would they sign? Boxing’s not football…The game needs to (and will) get better at telling managers why a fighter will not sign for you. It will also help when you can see the other managers who are one of the biggest(only) reason you can or can’t sign fighters.

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Which gym is the one with the champs?

By contenders do you mean new boxers coming through? Your choices should have raised when you won your title. Now able to sign boxers from around the continent? Perhaps there is just no good ones coming through, it happens.

I’m going to go against the grain here and say it’s too easy now to sign new boxers from around the world. Think you used to have to win a lot more titles before that feature opened up. Sure it’s now around 5-10 title wins. I would have it around 20 or even more. It’s nice when it happens, but the game does get awfully easy.

My options weren’t raised

I’m going to state the obvious mate so apologies if it sounds patronising… but you know that you only need to check for new fighters every 4 weeks? On the week before ranking upgrade. It’s why many prefer to use weeks instead of calendar.

It may be an idea to play for a few months and screen shot your ‘sign’ screen a few times (the week before ranking upgrade) to see who you are getting offered. That should help show if it’s an issue.

Well that looks spot on to me? Your able to now sign boxers from the whole region. And lots of them as well. Just unlucky if none of them are great. That happens though. Sometimes Iv went years without signing anyone as no great boxers coming through.

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And sorry @IronMike didnt mean to take over there mate. Posted at the same time so didn’t see your reply :sunglasses:

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Please don’t apologise:)

Nice one mate. Didn’t realise til I looked back at it today. Oops, TT being a fanny :joy:

It was a far more patient explanation :slight_smile:

Anyway. Hopefully the new beta will be available in next few days. Big change in there :slight_smile:

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The first of a few over the course of the summer months

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