Canelo v Golovkin 3

It’s finally fight week! Who we got?

My official predictions:

Canelo KO GGG Round 8
Rodriguez TKO Gonzalez Round 5
Williams TKO Conway Round 7
Pacheco TKO Collazo Round 3
Akhmedov UD Rosado Round 10
Castro UD Mendoza Round 8

  • Canelo By KO/TKO
  • Canelo by Decision
  • GGG by Decision
  • Draw

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Good to see people posting polls up on here. Cool :slight_smile:

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It’s a tough one. Can’t see a knockout. Canelo by dodgy decision possibly.

It’ll be interesting for sure. I think a lot of the media has this fight all wrong. They’ve been talking about “which version of Canelo” we’ll see on Saturday. I get that he’s the one coming off of the loss, but Light Heavyweight was simply too much for him. He’s back in his element at 168.
More important to consider, I think, is which version of GGG we’ll get. He looked incredibly mid against Murata. I rewatched the GGG-Rosado fight last night, and he looked eons better there than against Murata, and I think Rosado is a tougher fighter than Murata. GGG used to be explosive and powerful. Never fast or defensively apt, but his accurate and explosive shots made him a tough matchup for anyone, and one of this generations greatest. He’s lost that explosiveness. It was clear against Murata; even at his best during the bout, he had clearly lost a step. And, like I previously mentioned, it’s not like GGG has ever been hard to hit. Is his chin still good enough to withstand Canelo’s power? That’s the question. Unless he turns back the clock, I doubt that GGG still has the ability to eat the shots he did during the first two Canelo fights.

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Well said. Such lazy shorthand comments lead to this. He will be that guy coming off a loss and having shaved a mass of weight off.

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So… that fight was a bit of a let down. GGG clearly didn’t have it. It appears that Canelo will be out of the ring for a while as he needs surgery. Wish both Canelo and GGG all the best.

6-0 on predicting winners last night, 1-5 on predicting exact outcomes. Honestly, Castro stole the show for me. What a knockout.

Monday off due to Queeny so I stayed up for it all. Yeah main even a total let down. GGG just too old now.

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The fact that he said he believed he won is ridiculous. Just retire already you dinosaur lol.

Yeah what a disappointment that/he was. Can understand Banks being pissed in the corner. By the end of the 11th the poor trainer could barely look GGG in the face…

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