Canelo Vs BJS? Thoughts?

Anyone give BJS much of a chance in this one?

I think Canelo will give BJS a thorough beating up, and win by stoppage in/around round 7.

Keep changing my mind on this one. But I think the likely outcome is Canelo on points. I can’t see BJS getting knocked out. I think he is a lot better than he gets credit for. Think he will surprise a lot of people. But no one gets a points win v Canelo do they.

Loving the build up to this one. BJS gets hated on but I really like him. A lot of people get right upset at someone taking the piss these days.

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Excited as hell for this as I guess most people are.

Canelo is the real thing and BJS is a tasty piece of work so going to be good. Whilst no fan of BJS get why he does what he does and he can sell a fight well.

Hope he gets an absolute lesson but equally if he doesn’t then we’re in for a seriously cool night.
Cannot wait.

Should be a good one, and as long as the BJS that many, MANY, fight fans wish he could be turns up, the true winners should be the fans.

As for a result, I just can’t see anyway past Cinnamon. I don’t feel that there is anyway way in hell anyone can get a points decision over him, so it would have to be a stoppage

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Dazn doing a good job of selling a great fight.

Very excited here and good to see a huge fight.

Some shape BJS is in for this one. Right looking forward to it. Though I have friends coming round for Hibs Cup semi during the day. Can see me being passed out for the fight!

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After watching the weigh in, I just cannot see Canelo losing this. I don’t think BJS is psychologically ready for this.

I have a feeling Canelo is going to give him a serious beating.

I think Canelo feels sorry for him already.

Very excited for this one.
Canelo all the way though would love and wouldn’t be so surprised to see Saunders bringing something unexpectedly heroic to it.

BBC…Round 8…”BJS is backed up and being beaten up. Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez senses something is on…”

BJS did better than I thought, but Canelo wasn’t going to lose that one.

Canelo sat down in his corner after round 8 and told his team (before the fight was stopped) that BJS won’t come out, because he had broke his cheek.

Be interesting to see what the damage was. Didn’t look that bad live, but he must have been in some pain.

Good fight but not sure it was worth getting up at 4am for lol.

Definitely regretting the stay up all night thing but thought that BJS’s eye socket looked like it had been hit with a small lump hammer. Ouch.
No fan of his but he’s definitely no quitter.
Overall though a very poor card and watch out for Texas as the next super spreader state!:slight_smile:

Texas is a different breed! Clearly doesn’t care about a global pandemic! 73,000 people in a stadium!!!

So who beats Canelo? He will destroy Plant to become undisputed. Then back up to Light Heavy? Could he even go to Cruiserweight!? His power is unreal.

I honestly don’t know who could beat him…I’m not the biggest fan of him, but his ability is beyond the charts in terms of his rivals

GGG twice…:joy::joy:

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I’m also wondering, what next for BJS?

Down a weight maybe. Eubank Jnr?

If his injury is serious, and he has money in the bank - not sure if it’s worth carrying on.

Not sure BJS could move down. He has always struggled with his weight.

By the time BJS recovers Canelo will be undisputed so might well move weight himself. May be plenty belts to fight for. If the injury is as bad as is speculated he may be done though.

BJS gets so much hate but personally I can’t stand Eubank. So much arrogance when he hasn’t really achieved much. Lived of his old mans name.

I probably have a different view on these two.

I think he has become a little different since working with RJJ, in how he talks and his attitude. I also thought he was quite good in his last fight - maybe not a big challenge for him, but I thought he had improved a lot. He still has a lot to do to show he is at the very top.

BJS on the other hand, is not my cup of tea. I hope he fully recovers, but I wouldn’t want to spend any time with him.

Haha just goes to show you eh. Iv always liked BJS, I know plenty guys like him. He is like the ‘Leith wideo’s’ in Irvine Welsh’s books. Always having a laugh but some seem to take it all seriously. Eubank on the other hand, showing off his money etc. Nah not for me :joy:

I think there would be a lot of people watching BJS V Eubank if BJS can recover.

I feel sad for BJS, because it looks like his injury is quite serious. Hopefully he recovers and doesn’t t have any lasting damage to his eye. I think he is a brave man to go out there and fight Canelo, and has had a great career - even if I don’t see some of the humour in his humour.