Cant make fight with title holder

I have fighters who are currently ranked in the top 1/2 by the organisations and have a couple of times but when I go to make a fight there is never the option to challenge the champion even when I check and the current champion has no fight scheduled. Why is this ?

Hi Sean

Can you send over a screenshot of the rankings for the weight/fighter in question?

Thanks for posting to our community as well. :slight_smile:
Boxing Manager Team

Hi, sorry I’ve been away a while - life got super busy. Played and loved the game at the start and back playing when I get chance again now.

I’ve got this guy who somehow won the title in his 10th fight - it was a lucky KO I wasn’t expecting. But I seem to be having the same issue described, no fights available even though there are quite a few fighters available, any idea why?

Also noticed even though he won the title, it’s not listed on the title fights

Alright mate. You will need to show the rankings for Light Heavyweight to see if anyone is eligible.

Ah see maybe this is showing how long it has been since I played, can he not fight anyone as no one is top 2, top 3 and top 5 - therefore no one is eligible to fight for undisputed?


Correct mate. For undisputed, the challenger needs to hold the minimum ranking place in every federation. You will need to either wait until someone meets that or vacate a belt.


Yep, correct. In this case the WBA will not sanction this fight with Fiol.

Couple of options for fights to get made we think.

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With regard to the clarity of the world title orgs requirements and game information and news in general, we are currently working on some changes to assist in this not least better news and improved explanation/context of some game rules.

The amount of information in the game is only ever increasing and with the forthcoming regional titles we are very aware of making players aware of all that is happening in the game and to their stable of fighters. Over coming weeks some of these features will drop in advance of regional titles and a slew of cool new things we are working on.