Career Mode Topic Idea?

Hey I’ve been a huge fan of this game for awhile I recently bought the new extension back and had start a new game sadly ending my existing save where I had about 3 gyms. Tons of hall of famers and multiple world oi championships but so far it’s been worth it!

I was wondering if anyone would be interested if I documented my new save as like a career mode on here?

Fighters Would get Bios

Fight announcements would be made

Fighter interviews would be a thing

All fights would be documented with results

Contract renewals would be announced

Even fighter sponsorships would be announced

Also different types of events that involve fighters would pop up from time to time.
(Fights being cancelled, fighters pulling
Out, fighters coming out of retirement, even events outside the boxing world)

This would all be in one ever-growing topic just with new posts so it didn’t clog up the forum with millions of posts throughout the career.

There is an example of how I would kind of do this below. Please tell me if you would be interested


Undefeated 8-0 Super Lightweight Luke Pearson has signed a new 7 Fight Contract Agreement With His Team “Champions Road Academy”.

When questioned about the new contract Luke said he was over the moon. Since signing with the academy he really feels like his boxing is improving and is glad he is able to showcase everything they practise in the gym.

He Finally went on to say he hopes this new deal brings continued success to himself and the academy. The undefeated super light weight is looking to return to the ring in 5 weeks time after a short lay of due to a broken hand.

(Source TMZ SPORT)

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Sounds like a lot of work! Bu t go for it.

Now the game world is the size and scale it is we will be adding a lot of these features in weeks/months to come depending, as ever, on player feedback.

Lots of stuff coming to fill the gaps between fights and make things that little bit more complex. Between fights injuries and issues being a big one as well as press and pr.