Career mode where u can be your own fighter?

It would be awesome to have a carrer mode where you can be your own fighter and get signed , it would also be cool to choose stats , and be able to have little game scenarios where lets say one of your fighters got into a fight outside of the ring and got arrested are you gunna bail him out ??? , it would also be cool to have your fighters be tested before fights


We agree on this and did build a prototype a while back. It went on the backburner…

It was fun if very different… :slight_smile:

We have a lot lined up but who knows :slight_smile:


This would be awesome. Does anyone know of a mycareer type mobile game? i’d love to find one

Think you should consider giving it a real shot would love a game like that.

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Yes!!! I agree with this guy

We love this idea btw.

As I said above we built a cool prototype with this but left it.

we have done much in our next major update to pave the way for this. Which will become apparent as and when we finally release it :slight_smile:


That’s why yall (yes I’m southern American lmao) are the GOATS of Apple Store and Google play store :muscle:t5: :bangbang:

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Thanks John.

if you haven’t left a rating and/or review on either (esp Google Play Store) please do :slight_smile: :slight_smile: