Career Record for Retired Boxers

Is it possible to setup a sort of the retired boxers? I am not sure how the boxers are sorted Within Career for retired boxers but it would be cool if I could actually sort by career record so if a boxer has won 80 fights, he’d be at the top while a person who won only a couple would be at the bottom.

Also, it’d be cool to unretire a boxer, you have that happen all the time in real life and it’s be cool to have a boxer unretire like what George Foreman did. Obviously, the ratings would need to reflect being older etc.

Also, there tends to be an issue where most of my champions are 40 years of age or older. We have the ocasional champ in real life at that age but it should be the exception rather than the rule.

I would love to see a hall of fame for boxers. It’d be cool to have a screen that shows the hall of fame boxers and when you click on the boxer, you would see his total record plus how many times he was a champion. For example 3x Heavy Weight Champ with 12 title defenses, 2x light Heavy weight Champion with 6 title defenses etc. Maybe you set it up an algorithm that each win is worth certain number of points and if a fighter is above that number, he will be in the hall of fame, maybe you require a boxer to be retired for a certain number of years. It just would be awesome to see.


Fan of all those ideas. Would love the opening screen for each boxer to have those kind of stats. 2 Weight world champion etc.

Another small change I would like is the champions split up from the other boxers in the ‘your fighters’ list. It can look a little cluttered when you have load of boxers.

And agree a Hall or Fame would be awesome.


Plus, it would be good if the fighter’s name goes red or something happens to make it obvious they have 1 fight left on their contract. It is very easy to lose a fighter by accident if you don’t keep checking.

I know it appears in the news items, but they are not highlighted as urgent or easy to spot unless you keep checking the news.

I’d like to have a filter on the news too, to show only what I want to show. E.g. heavyweight news, or contract news, etc.

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I suggested this elsewhere…would be great. Currently you have to scroll through all the records to find out what each fighter has achieved and their relative achievements in the division. Profile pages could be developed. Perhaps, in addition to stating “Former heavy weight world champion” (or whatever they are) there could be a star or diamond or something next to their name if they are, or have been, a champion.


So many good ideas here to compliment our existing roadmap and beyond. We will clearly be very busy over the coming weeks/months.


This would be the best, I’ve forgotten to check the contract status so many times and end up not being able to resign some champions.


In addition to being sorted so that the champs are already at top?


Iv found before that ranked no1 fighters are sometimes listed above champions. Perhaps that was bugs then.

But yeah I was thinking 2 boxes, one for champions and one for the rest. Just a small visual change to make it even easier to see what’s what with your fighters.

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We see the issue… Thanks.