Champ at every weight and top 8 P4P fighters

Finally managed to get a champion at every weight across 2 gyms (USA and UK). They also form the top 8 P4P fighters on the game. Think I’ve reached my peak! (I only sign unranked)

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Nice. I don’t think Iv ever got to that stage. I always tend to lose interest a bit once I get to successful, and just start a new game. You must be able to create some amazing fight cards.

I’m with you on only ever signing unranked boxers. I tend to go a stage further and mostly just sign UK boxers as well. I think the game gets too easy once you can sign any of the rookies around the world.

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Yeah, wanting to reach this stage is what kept me going so long on this one. I’ll probably now lose interest and want to start a new one. Might even try what you said and go for UK only to make it more of a challenge. I’m intrigued to see how far my Uzbekistani freak of nature can go unbeaten for though lol

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Amazing work!

Very impressive.

That’s inspiring us to get a move on with the new titles module that’s just around the corner:)

Plenty more to keep you interested;) Hopefully!