Champions But No One To Fight

I have many champions but no one to fight.

After a certain amount of time, the game I think gets to a point where the rankings slow down. Maybe the fighters don’t fight so much or the dynamics are off so high position fighters are losing.

This means my fighters can go almost 6 months without anyone to fight, which makes them upset. In one case as pictured on fighter has gone almost almost one year.

So this means I have to vacate the titles. But if they are on a high end contract it means you lose a lot of money.

At the moment there is no point having undisputed champions because someone is only good enough to fight them once every six months if your lucky.

Is there any fix for this?

There really isn’t a fix you are just gonna have to vacate titles for your guys to get fights. That’s why I’m hoping that mandatory challengers are somewhere on the horizon.

But it defeats the point of the game. The point of the game is to develop a stable of champions and make money, if you have to keep vacating the titles; lest you make your fighters unhappy and they walk. It makes the game pointless. The developers need to work on that.

I guess I will just pause for now an hope an update comes in the future, cos I’m either going to go broke or lose all my champions.

Their only other option is to take away the code that makes the fighters unhappy if they don’t fight if they are undisputed champions.

It’s a simulation….

We welcome comments on this as this is why in the four belt era Undisputed reigns are both rare and when they occur very short.

The fighters do not get always get pissed off when vacating titles. They look at each situation accordingly.
Again we are trying for realism here and we believe this situation and broad finances around it are correct.
Again we welcome constructive comments.

If we put mandatory defences in then this forum will be even more full of people moaning like Dillan Whyte that they can’t get a shot.

How many fights did it take Ali to get a shot at a title after being stripped???


Imagine if we put that in. :slight_smile:

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And equally imagine trying to get all four titles to come up with the same mandatory challenger… :slight_smile:

It would be almost immediate title vacation as in real life…

Hi IronMike,

I appreciate it is a simulation and in real life the title shot does not come very often.

But in real life a fighter would not get pissed at their manger if there are no fighters to challenge him and then break their contract.

All I am asking for is a bit of realism in that regard. It is unfair and pointless trying to make the best fighter if you get one challenge a year.

My question for you IronMike, what is the purpose of your game? What do you want us to experience from your game? :slightly_smiling_face:

Seems a weird question given every post we make on this forum is usually about making a better game.

I would equally say that we listen to players and change things as part of a continuous process of iterative improvement.

Hi IronMike

It’s not the vacating the titles that I am on about. That is understandable. What fighter would want to give up their titles?

I am on about the fighters becoming disgruntled and cancelling their contract because there is no one to fight them. To go a year without a challenger is quiet excessive.

It is a simulation but it is also a game.

So I don’t know if it is possible got you to rework the code in that regard.

I would also say that they may well be pissed off with a manager who insists on trying to make a fight that ain’t ever going to happen.

In which case again we aren’t a million miles away…

what we don’t dispute is that the game must always be fun and fair which is why we spend time here listening and responding and then acting on it….

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I’m not disputing that at all. I am not having a go either.

You do an excellent job. Like I told you before you have a supporter here.

Game is good, but it could be amazing.

What is annoying as a player is to put all that effort in just to be blocked by the mechanics that don’t appear to working as well as they could be.

We thank you for that and know that constructive comments only make the game better. Which yours are :slight_smile: Thanks @KDS1000

We actually think the issue here is the fixed fee system for fight fees.

We will all heave a sigh of relief when we move to the percentage model of management and promotion.,

Exchanges like this mean the sooner the better.

Anyway, we’re just doing the cancel contract stuff which will be in beta tomorrow.

In real life am pretty sure a top fighter would be extremely pissed if his manager couldn’t get him a fight. Probably get sacked. But if the manager couldn’t get a fight due to rankings the boxer drops a belt to make the fight he wants. More or less how this game plays out.

We agree.

However, the issue of the punitive financial “penalty” on the manager is an issue. We’ve been using the “trading” style of fight fee since the first version of this back in (ahem) 1997… We will be changing this soon so that contracts will be either the current way (fixed fee) or the “correct” way which will be percentage based but with a shitload of clauses and conditions. Net result will be the same from our calculations but the route to the top is much different. Less volatile with percentages but much slower… Hence why we have kept it a bit more “exciting”…

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It’s not that the manager cannot get him a fight. There is no one in the rankings good enough for almost two years.

A year an a half no fight. It is week 520.

And these are the rankings.

He would have to drop three belts to get a fight…

I know it’s annoying but I’m afraid these rankings look perfect to us. So like real life (not withstanding that we do give a ranking to every fighters unlike real life). However the variation is key.

We 100% agree that in this Bm era of four belts that a manager should not be penalised for this situation nor should it be an issue for fighter or manager to vacate a belt when a opponent cannot be agreed by all four, very different, organisations.

Got to say we love how these rankings look. :slight_smile: Like really cool

Well done for getting the belts in a row but it’s fair for the fighter to be pissed off as well. Could always move up a weight as well.

It’s not that the fighter is good enough.
That has nothing to do with it.

Each organisation is a separate entity from each other. They determine the order and it’s really not just on who who’s good enough or even who thinks who’s good enough. :slight_smile:

I appreciate that. But then to become undisputed is undesirable then. As for a challenger to be recognised by all organisations is a difficult feat. Which means you either vacate or move up.

I have champions in almost every weight so moving up doesn’t really help me. I guess if the payout for becoming undisputed was high enough then vacating it wouldn’t matter so much.

In his last fight he became undisputed and has not had a challenger in a year and a half.

Maybe if the disgruntled mechanic was not so strong. Every fighter wants to be the best and on top of their game. They want to be the GOAT. That sometimes outweighs money. But also I get they need that fight money aswell. Ambition and money should be factored in before they get pissed lol.

Maybe even an option to do a charity fight to keep them happy or pay them a fight fee.

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