Championship Fight

Best way to get a title fight when you have the number 1 contender, I don’t want to keep having to fight others with the potential of losing, meaning my fighter goes down in the rankings but also the champion never comes up as an option even when he’s not got a fight lined up. Any hep/Tips?

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Still can’t get him a title fight.

Well yeah, he’s only eligible to fight for the WBO belt right now. You need to be in the top 2 for WBC, top 3 for WBA, top 5 for IBF, and top 7 for WBO. Fight higher ranked contenders first, and time it similarly as title fights. You’ll get your shot.


Best way to get the fight is to be ranked 1 in all federations. Your guys rankings are low there. You need to take the risk and fight one of the top guys to get a better ranking. Even if you meet eligibility for one belt, your not guaranteed your shot.

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Yeah, as the esteemed players above say, the guy’s just not well enough ranked.