Change the names of the boxers

Hey, I wanted to ask if there is an option to change the names and nationalities of the boxers in the future. e.g. via in app purchase. would make the game even better for me. have been playing for a long time

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Would be the dream wouldn’t it?

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Something that many want and I’m positive we will see at some stage :sunglasses:

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I think it would be good to be able to edit names, nationality, age and maybe current champions, fight records and rankings. If the database can be edited and saved, it would be great to share databases for download.

It would take a bit of work though to create a database that reflects the current state of affairs. Fight histories (lists of past fights) would be a step too much I think. Would probably have to start fresh with real names, ages, rankings and fight stats (w/l/d) and go from there.

We will get to a stage of some data editing at some point and/or custom fighter sets.

At the moment we’re enjoying taking the game towards a few changes with regard to fight promotion/more stuff on fight shows and “things like that”. And getting the Android version out comes before anything else :slight_smile: