Changing weight class?

hello im a little confused, how do I change my fighters weight class. Hes a middleweight and I want to change it to super middleweight, thanks

Only champions at present can change weights.

We have a big weight thing coming in first half of 2022 that will improve on this:)

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My recommendation is that they can go up and down and maybe a skip weight classes going up or down depending on height/weight

One of the things I like about this game is that if you read carefully and know your fighters, you can move up in weight without sacrificing a lot. It’s about the timing of when you move up, skills acquired, etc.

Most fighters move up as they get older, not down. Considering the mileage you can put on a fighter early in his career, and the decreasing likelihood he’ll have to listen to manager instruction in a fight, strategy is as much in moving up as in choosing an opponent or in-fight adjustments.

I was actually flirting with the idea of one of my prospects taking fights at a class below his for fun. He’s 19 and it was a scenerio I’d like to see

Next weeks update will have a more punitive effect when moving weights. Ie enjoy it whilst it’s easy;)

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can I get an invite to the beta? it says its full for me

It is full at the moment.

We are having a clean up of users in the next week or so so will post an update here when the slots have opened again.

YIKES! I just moved up one of my best champs. LOL

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