Coming this week to BM

As ever we listen and look at the player feedback and our own data and it’s time for some game play tweaks to address those issues that are identified.

Most of the items here address feedback on here and come in support of players/managers and improve gameplay but without making the game unduly easier. Just more fun/less painful :slight_smile:

This update will be on beta later today and on full release later this week.


  • Increased likelihood of a fighter renegotiating his contract. Fighters will now re-negotiate in all bar the most abusive relationships.
  • Fighter expected contract values on contracts decreased by c20% per contract, resulting in easier financial payback for fighters.
  • Increased likelihood of Box Office increases when fighter wins by TKO/RSF or Unanimous Pts.
  • Increased likelihood of increase in Potential on winning fights. Change from c.20% to c.30pc chance.

Waiting for this beta my heavyweight champion is making 56 million per fight and my fighters still don’t like me for no reason but enjoying the game thanks for the hard work

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Just waiting for Apple and we’ll sort out all this fighters not likely their manager nonsense! :slight_smile:

Hopefully tonight still I just got to the part of the game where I can sign fighters from other regions and most of them don’t like me at the moment