Concerning mandatories/optional defenses etc

I feel we really need to see mandatories incorporated in the near future as well as champs being able to make optional defenses of the title to anyone ranked within the top ten, regardless of the organization, to add to the realism. I find myself holding on mostly to the WBO or IBF belts since it leaves my champs more options but I wish it was the same for all the titles and anyone ranked within the top ten being eligible to fight for the title.

I know it makes unifications more tricky but maybe we could make them a priority so they always go before a mandatory defense but the boxer who was made mandatory gets the next shot. A que of challengers of sorts in the order of when they were made mandatory challenger. That way unifications would always go before mandatories but the mandatories would still have their chance to challenge for the title.

If you have a unified champ, to keep the belts he would have to defend against the mandatories in the order they were made mandatory, if that makes sense?

Would definitely add some more depth to the game. Maybe even getting a step-aside fee if you fighter is mandatory.

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Thanks for that.

We do need to have more options around titles (mandatories, rematches etc).

There’s lots of threads on the topic and we’ve tried various things. Again as the game evolves and we see a range of playing styles and strategies there are lots of changing opinions. You make some interesting points about how you are using the WBO/IBF and we will go away and think about this some more.

As ever we listen with interest to what people add to this. In short we agree but haven’t achieved a gameplay balance where mandatories don’t impact in some way on voluntary defences. Of course all this is “realistic” but this is also one area of the sport where the reality of the actual sport is not desired functionality of gameplay or not without major change :slight_smile:

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